Every once in awhile in the fab boite world, something comes along that makes a spectator sit in shock and awe. Here's one such singer. Possibly because someone once told this gorgeous brunette (with a voice to match) that she resembles the late movie goddess Ava Gardner, Hamberger's devoting this show to perpetuating the lady's fading fame. The built-in joke here is that when she opened her mouth to croon, Gardner was dubbed.   Never mind--this thrush chooses her songs to reflect on a life lived fast and furiously.”                                                                                                                                               -  David Finkle,   The Village Voice

“...her soprano is as beautiful as before, but her interpretations now reveal greater depth and nuance,  and they display a more distinctive point of view....With “I'm a Stranger Here Myself," she displays noteworthy acting skill, overlaying the lyric's inquisitiveness with a palpable sense of exasperation.  Her rendition of Charles Aznavour's "For Me, Formidable” is a sincere protestation of love, and she makes a  poignant emotional connection with "Blame It On My Youth." Her delivery of "Two for the Road" is one of the most romantic I've heard, and it works especially well here, in the context of Gardner's marriage to Frank Sinatra . . .in "I'm a Fool to Want You," Hamberger's interpretation is brooding and incisive, made all the more so by musical director Ido Alexander's lush piano accompaniment."                                - Roy Sander, Bistroawards.com

“...a well-researched recounting of the life of this very complex woman...with well-chosen songs that further illuminate both her life and career....her fluttery soprano adeptly handle[s] a challenging song list. ...Gardner’s story is not an easy one to tell...but Sigali pull[s] it together with intelligence and an elegant charm...Here’s to Ava! Here’s to Sigali!”    - Lynn Dimenna, Cabaret Scenes

"Well researched, beautifully sung and delivered, Sigali presented an incredible evening…a movie star took the stage tonight and created an image from the moment the light hit her as she opened with "Lush Life"     -Sue Matsuki, CabaretHotlineOnline.com

“Whether you have loved Ava Gardner for years, or if you are too young to have been introduced to her, this show is not to be missed.”    - Kathleen France, Nitelifeexchange.com 

“Celebrate this great talent honoring one of movie-doms great legends.”     - Joe Regan, Jr., T2C.com